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Built by the same master craftsmen that make the OTE javelins, the Pacer javelins are built to slightly more generous tolerances. These javelins are built for performance and durability, and are suitable for high level competition. Pacer is the brand of choice for coaches and athletes seeking great value in a javelin.

750005 Master Plus 40m/130' Metal 500g $309.00

760005 Litania® 600 Training 40m/130' Metal 600g $234.00

760011 Comet 45 45m/145' Metal 600g $327.00

760012 Comet 55 55m/180' Metal 600g $339.00

760055R Litania® 600RT Training 40m Rubber Tip 600g $258.00

760211R Comet 45RT 45m Rubber Tip 600g $366.00

760212R Comet 55RT 55m Rubber Tip 600g $375.00

770005 Masters Plus 45m/145' Metal 700g $335.00

780005 Litania® 800 Training 50m/165' Metal 800g $305.00

780031 Astro 70 70m/230' Metal 800g $430.00

780033R Astro 70RT 70m Rubber Tip 800g $468.00

780050 Astro 50 50m/165' Metal 800g $388.00

780055R Litania® 800RT 50m Rubber Tip 800g $355.00

780060 Astro 60 60m/195' Metal 800g $396.00

780250R Astro 50RT 50m Rubber Tip 800g $443.00

780260R Astro 60RT 60m Rubber Tip 800g $459.00  
Javee Javelin Trainer  An excellent training aid designed to develop strength, flexibility, range of motion, static, and ballistic stretching for the javelin event. Regular use can reduce the chance of muscle and tendon injuries by improving their functional length limits. Attach up to three strong elastic cords for resistance. Models differ by grip diameter.
TA1820 600g $54  Special
TA1821 800g $54