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We carry a full line of pole vault landing systems, standards and accessories
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Pole Vault Topper (pull, turn, push exerciser)

The Topper Red (Medium Stiffness) for 12' - 13' Poles for most high school girls $79.95
The Topper Blue (Stiff Elastic Cord) for 14' - 15' Poles for most high school boys and Elite Women $79.95
The Topper Green (Very Stiff Elastic Cord) for 15-16' Poles for most Elite University and Olympic Men

Vault Trainer TA190 $289
A unique device for beginner and intermediate vaulters. Allows the athlete to acclimate to the body positions occurring during peak vault height. Strengthens muscle groups for effective push off. Helps to coordinate grip and pole positions while rotating around pole for push off. Can be hung from goal posts and basketball backboard rigging. Complete with cables, ankle cuffs, and pole section.
Deluxe Team Pole Bag
Travel in style with the Pacer Deluxe Team Pole Bag. Holds 10 sleeved and 10 unsleeved for a total of 20 poles. Outside of bag is made from a heavy duty nylon. Dense inner 1/2" foam fused with a hard plastic shell for strength. Soft rubber handles and seams are held together with a strong 2" webbing. Durable pole sleeves are sewn in which means no need for additional components.

Deluxe Team Pole Bag 14' $653
Deluxe Team Pole Bag 15' $703
Deluxe Team Pole Bag 16' $751
DiMarco Slide Box $249
Steel reinforced back plate