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Skypole Carbon Pole Vault Store
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We carry a full line of pole vault landing systems, standards and accessories
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The Skypole Carbon is the pole many vaulters have been waiting for. It offers all of the advantages of carbon fiber but is a little more forgiving than its relative, the Pacer Carbon FX.

With a lighter carry weight and slightly smaller grip diameter than conventional glass poles, the Sky Carbon facilitates faster runway speed and greater thrust off of the ground at take-off. These factors in turn potentiate the clearance of higher bars.

If you are dissatisfied with the weight and lack of responsiveness of your current glass pole; and if it has been too long since you set a PR, the Sky Carbon is very likely the answer you have been searching for.

Integration of carbon and S-glass design creates the lightest carry weight Skypole ever!

Double spiral wrap construction, combined with lower sail piece position allows the Sky Carbon to bend easier and “roll over” more smoothly, and still give a greater return on energy invested.

All weights and lengths have been Best-Flex® engineered and calibrated to provide the most scientifically tested and accurate pole progressions possible. The Sky Carbon makes transitioning from one pole smoother and more precise.

Additional sizes available.

Vaulting poles are not guaranteed against breakage. Inspect vaulting poles for visible and concealed damage before accepting delivery.

13'6"   Skypole Carbon Vaulting Poles Sizes 125 - 165 lbs. $582
14'      Skypole Carbon Vaulting Poles Sizes 125 - 190 lbs. $611
14' 6"  Skypole Carbon Vaulting Poles Sizes 130 - 195 lbs. $650
15'      Skypole Carbon Vaulting Poles Sizes 145 - 200 lbs. $698
15' 6"  Skypole Carbon Vaulting Poles Sizes 150 - 200 lbs. $747
16' 1"  Skypole Carbon Vaulting Poles Sizes 155 - 210 lbs. $794