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Bullet Belt Speed Pulley  TA1381 $162
A revolutionary product for speed development and running efficiency, the Bullet Belt Speed Pulley is the superior over-speed training tool. This two-person over-speed trainer features a unique safety release if towed athlete cannot maintain pace. Comes with 30m of cord and a Bullet Belt universal web belt.

Go Ladder TA168 $99
Designed to incrementally increase stride length and frequency, the two key elements in sprint speed. The Go Ladder is made with color differentiated web-strap sides. The eight black rungs create the shortest stride lengths, while the gray rungs create the last, and longest stride lengths. Constructed of nylon web and flexible neoprene. Convenient carrying handle included.

Dual Speed Trainer TA164 Medium Tubing $144
Dual Speed Trainer TA165 Heavy Tubing $152
The two-person assisted overspeed and resistance running kit is very effective for speed gains. Uses 20’ of latex tubing that can be stretched to twice its length. The overspeed training provided to the rear athlete increases both stride length and frequency—key attributes to fast sprint speed. Includes 20’ latex tubing, two 3” wide hook & loop closure belts adjustable to 42” waist, carry bag, and instructions.
Max Belt compatible.